‘Viking Worlds’ is coming out in paperback in March 2019

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29 October, 2018
Guest lecture at the School of Archaeology, University of Oxford – The Lives and Deaths of Houses in Iron and Viking Age Scandinavia

Recent review of Brenna Hassett – Built on Bones:

“…there are numerous highlights in Hassett’s nuanced approach to archaeological evidence and bioarchaeological methods. She expertly touches on meta-archaeological topics such as androcentricity, research bias, and tautological reasoning, often through on-point anecdotes”

Recent book chapter in Archaeologies of Rules and Regulations (Berghahn, 2018)

Chapter 5. Embodied Regulations: Searching for Boundaries in the Viking Age Marianne Hem Eriksen

“A dwelling constitutes patterned human behaviour and movement within a structured space. The materiality of the typical Viking Age longhouse, with its diverse physical and mental spaces, will have constituted a reciprocally influencing arena for the behaviour of its inhabitants. The built environment, and its surroundings, prompts associations with acceptable rules of conduct within the social space. Using eclectic and qualitative material from archaeology and the earliest texts from Scandinavia – and focusing specifically on boundaries and thresholds – this chapter asks: what kinds of physical and cognitive boundaries ordered the Viking settlements? Moreover, what was the nature of spatial transgression and how was it dealt with?”