I am Associate Professor of Archaeology at the Museum of Cultural History, University of Oslo. I am currently on leave from this position to complete my Individual Fellowship funded by The Norwegian Research Council/Marie Curie COFUND, where I am a Research Fellow at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge, and Research Fellow, Clare Hall, Cambridge.

In my research I have focused on prehistoric architecture, using a specific category of archaeological evidence – the built environment – as a point of departure to deeper studies of power expressions and hierarchy, gender construction, ritual behaviour, food practices, and the relationship between the living and the dead. I am currently delving into long-term developments of Scandinavian prehistory from the Bronze Age to the Medieval Period.

I am also interested in the deposition of human remains in settlements, constructions of personhood, and the body in prehistory.

My new book is being published by Cambridge University Press in February 2019.