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Eriksen, Marianne Hem in prep. Ritual violence and the Vikings. An archaeology of harm and care. Short monograph under contract with Cambridge Elements in Ritual and Violence. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

Eriksen, Marianne Hem 2019 Architecture, Society and Ritual in Viking Age Scandinavia: Doors, Dwellings, and Domestic Space. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

Edited volumes
In press/2023  Vikings in the Mediterranean. Edited by N. Price, M.H. Eriksen, and C. Janke. The Norwegian Institute in Athens.

2020    Contrasts of The Bronze Age: Time, Trajectories and Encounters in the Nordic World. Essays in honour of Christopher Prescott. Edited by K.I. Austvoll, M.H. Eriksen, P.D. Fredriksen, A.L. Melheim, L. Prøsch-Danielsen and L. Skogstrand.

2015 Viking Worlds. Things, spaces, and movement. Edited by Eriksen, Marianne Hem, Unn Pedersen, Bernt Rundberget, Irmelin Axelsen and Heidi Berg. Oxbow, Oxford.
—> Paperback edition March 2019

Peer-reviewed journal articles
Eriksen, M.H. 2022 Body-worldings of later Scandinavian prehistory: making oddkin with two body-objects. Current Swedish Archaeology 30 (2022):65-94

Eriksen, M.H. and K. Kay 2022 Reflections on posthuman ethics. Grievability and the more-than-human worlds of Iron and Viking Age Scandinavia. Cambridge Archaeological Journal FirstView [Open Access]

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Eriksen, M.H. 2016 Den enes død er den annens brød? Om kropp, mat og dødsforestillinger i skandinavisk jernalder. [One’s death, another’s bread? On body, food and concepts of death in Iron Age Scandinavia]. Arr – Idéhistorisk tidsskrift, 2016(2):49-59.

Eriksen, M.H. 2013 Doors to the dead: The power of doorways and thresholds in Viking Age Scandinavia. Archaeological Dialogues, 20(2), 187-214. [Copyright of this article belongs to Cambridge University Press, and is published here in accordance with point 1.3. in the Copyright Agreement. Journal webpage.]

Peer-reviewed book chapters
Eriksen, M.H. in press/2023 Of bodies and buildings: Rituals in the halls of the Vikings. In The Norse Sorceress: Mind and Materiality in the Viking World, edited by L. Gardeła, S. Bønding and P. Penz. Forthcoming with Oxbow, Oxford.

Eriksen, M.H. in press/2023 Houses as technology in the Viking Age and beyond. Invited chapter in: A Cultural History of Technology, edited by R. Magnusson, J. Alexander, A. Bix, S. Moon, W. Storey. Bloomsbury Academic, London.

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Eriksen, M.H and K.I. Austvoll 2020 Bridging Perspectives: Social Dynamics of Houses and Households in Bronze Age Scandinavia. In Contrasts of The Nordic Bronze Age: Essays in honour of Christopher Prescott, edited by K.I. Austvoll, A.L. Melheim, M.H. Eriksen, P.D. Fredriksen, L. Skogstrand and L- Prøsch-Danielsen. Brepols, Turnhout.

Eriksen, M.H. 2020 Dream-houses of the Late Iron and Viking Ages: The house and the self. In: Re-imagining Periphery: Archaeology and text in northern Europe from Iron Age to Viking- and Early Medieval periods, edited by K. Ilves and C. Hillerdal. Oxbow, Oxford. (Posted with publishers’ written permission)

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2015 Portals to the Past: An archaeology of doorways, dwellings, and ritual practice in Late Iron Age Scandinavia. Unpublished Ph.D. dissertation, Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History, University of Oslo.

2010 Between the real and ideal. Ordering, controlling and utilising space in power negotiations. Hall buildings in Scandinavia, 250 – 1050 CE.  Master’s thesis, Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History, University of Oslo.

Other articles/dissemination (selected)
2019 Hvorfor ble døde barn begravet i hus i jernalder og vikingtid? Om ‘rosemaling’ av fortiden.

2019 Viking homes were stranger than fiction: portals to the dead, magical artefacts and ‘slaves’. The Conversation

2018 Review of Built on Bones. 15,000 Years of Urban Life and Death by Brenna Hassett. In AP: Online Journal of Public Archaeology 7

2018 Op-Ed: Akademia må satse på undervisningskarrierer [trans. ‘Acedemia needs to strenghten teaching careers’] With S. Bratland-Sanda, M. Blikstad-Balas, K. De Moor, I.L. Falkum, H. Holmen, J.M. Aronsen.

2017 Op-Ed: Ikke la nynazistene stjele vikingtiden [trans. ‘Don’t let neo-nazis appropriate the Viking Age’]. With Z.Glørstad, M.Vedeler, H.L. Aannestad, Frode Iversen, and J. Bill. Morgenbladet online, 24.10.2017.

2016 Things to do during the PhD – publish articles on the side (Guest blog on patter – blog on academic writing) .

2015 Slaver, barn og kvinner. Husholdet i merovingertiden [Slaves, children and women. The household in the Merovingian period], retrieved 30. November 2015.

2015 Seksualitet og død. En evig syklus [Sexuality and death. An eternal cycle], retrieved 30. November 2015.

2011 Hallen og landskapet. Monumentalitet, liminalitet og transformasjon. Nicolay, 113(1), 11-18 (PDF download).

2010 Gundersen, Ingar Mørkestøl and Marianne Hem Eriksen (editors)  På sporet av romersk jernalder: artikkelsamling fra romertidsseminaret på Isegran 23.-24.januar 2010. Nicolay Skrifter 3, Oslo.

2009 Jeg fant, jeg fant! Et intervju med Dagfinn Skre [trans. ‘Look what I found! An interview with Dagfinn Skre] Nicolay 108 (2):44-49. (With Kristin Eriksen)

2008  Annerledeshet og identitet. Et intervju med Brit Solli [trans. ‘Difference and identity. An interview with Brit Solli’] Nicolay 106 (3):5-8. (With Henrik Molnes)

TV & radio appearances, press coverage
2020 Radio interview for BBC World Service: Valkyries — Fierce women of war

2018 Radio interview for NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) P2: Ekko – ‘Begravde hus i jernalder og vikingtid’ [trans. ‘Dead and buried houses in the Iron and Viking Ages’]. 3.4.2018

2018 Radio interview for NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) P2: Ekko – ‘Langhuset – nordmenns bolig gjennom 3000 år’ [trans. ‘The longhouse – Norwegian dwelling through 3000 years’]. 20.2.2018

2017 TV interview for TV2 (national commercial broadcaster): En bit av historien – Vikingtid [trans. ‘A bite of history — the Viking Age’]

2017 Iron-age Viking longhouses were burned and buried in funerals.

2017 Can houses die? Iron-age to Viking houses were burned and buried.

2017 Kan hus døy? Jarnalderens langhus blei brende og gravlagde. Interview for Apollon – University of Oslo’s research magazine.

2016 Radio interview for NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) P2: Ekko – ‘Død og erotikk i vikingtid’ [trans. ‘Death and eroticism in the Viking Age’].

2016 Radio interview for NRK P2, segment on PhD research: Ekko –‘ Hverdagslige vikinger’ [trans. ‘Everyday life of the Vikings’]

2016 Radio interview for NRK P2, segment on PhD research: Ut i kulturen – ‘Om privatlivets historie’ [trans. ‘On the history of privacy’].

2016 På jakt etter menneskene. Et intervju med Marianne Hem Eriksen, Interview with Nicolay 129 (2): 35-39.

2015  Dette forteller dørene om vikingtida. [trans. ‘This is what the doors reveal of the Viking Age’] Interview for, the largest research dissemination site in Norway.

2015 Overskridelser i dørkarmen [trans. ‘Transgressions in the doorway’]. Interview for the column ‘Doktoren svarer’ in Norwegian national newspaper Morgenbladet.

2015 Åpner dører til vikingtiden [trans. ‘Opening doors to the Viking Age’] Interview for the Faculty of Humanities’ web pages.

2013  Participation in eight episodes of the TV-show Arkeologene, produced and aired by the NRK (c. 500,000 viewers). I had a segment on the show entitled Raritetskabinettet which is currently used as a pedagogical tool in the elementary school system in Norway and Sweden.